We help broadcasters, publishers and brands succeed in the
production and distribution of professional video



nxtedition is a complete studio end to end workflow solution combining scripting, MAM, prompter, social, ingest, automation & rundown playout in a single interface for video production.

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nxtedition can empower publishers to produce live and on-demand video content for use on the web, in apps, on social media and even broadcast television.

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Brands, corporations & governments can use nxtedition to facilitate the production of video both internally and externally using it as an organisation wide resource.

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We help broadcasters, publishers and brands succeed in the
production and distribution of professional video

What is nxtedition?

Find out how we’re bringing video production into the 21st century…

nxtedition is a dynamic media company with a game changing vision of how to produce, manage and distribute video for the broadcast television, publishing and corporate industry. Our goal is to eradicate the technically advanced, complex and expensive elements of traditional television & video production through the application of innovative new technology.
A nxtedition installation encompasses the entire video workflow, from concept and delivery through different digital platforms at the press of a single button. The scale of the installation can range from a simple HD webcam kit right up to a fully automated in house broadcast studio.
Starting with a story a user can write the script and pull in all the media assets required to support that story inside the system. This is gathered together in a rundown as story events which organises everything into the correct order for recording.

From there it is simply a case of stepping through each story event during recording or live broadcast which will load the correct prompter script for the presenter and playout all the automated graphics, video drop ins, stills and external sources to create a professional broadcast output.

nxtedition puts your story front and centre solving many of the technical challenges through automation and streamlines the overall workflow with innovative solutions that are:




Cost & Time Effective

We Deliver Significant Savings

It is increasingly important for broadcasters, publishers and brands to produce video for TV, web and social media inexpensively and quickly.
nxtedition typically reduces video production costs, number of errors in live broadcasts and journalistic lead times.

  • nxtedition has a track record of reducing costs for customers between 40 to 60%.
  • Quality & assurance of the industry’s lowest down-time at -95% non-critical errors compared to conventional solutions.
  • Journalistic lead time from beginning script to final broadcast ready video is reduced from 50 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Training of staff is reduced from 3-10 weeks to 1-3 days.
  • Non-critical errors (both journalistic and technical) almost completely eliminated due to limited human interaction.
  • Significantly more intuitive interface.
nxtedition Hub

Figures are based on results from existing customers – exact results vary from customer to customer



These are nxteditions Unique Features

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    Cost Effective

    nxtedition reduces video production costs by an average of 30-40% to compared to industry averages.

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    Modular Solution

    nxtedition modules can be added as your production requires allowing the ultimate in flexibility and cost effectiveness as you scale up.

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    Unified User Interface

    Our elegant UI design has a fast learning curve & is contextually aware simply switching to the functions of a selected module.

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    Increased Productivity

    Lead times from scriptwriting to completed broadcast ready video is reduced by up to 90%.

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    Flexible Support Plans

    nxtedition provides your business with a three level flexibel support plans for hard- and software.

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    Flexible Hardware

    Integrate into an existing installation or use one of nxteditions kit, whatever your hardware needs we can adapt to match them.

“TV plays a huge role in our lives… (But) the experience hasn’t changed that much in decades. It’s been standing still… The future of TV is apps”
Tim Cook, announcing Apple TV and tvOS

Who is nxtedition for?

From a broadcaster looking to automate a studio to a video blogger looking to create a more professional output, nxtedition can scale to fit whichever role is asked of it. Publishers can create television channels that mirror their publications straight to websites or apps. Full social media integration allows nxtedition to publish publicly to the world or alternatively privately behind a paywall.

Hardware Solutions & Kits

nxtedition has a range of different hardware solutions and well composed studio kits that covers the needs and quality expectations from a small vlog production to a large scaled TV setup.

Full Broadcast Studio

nxtedition has long experience in building customized studios, fixed or mobile, at a lower cost than the industry standard.


A small one camera studio setup typically used as head to head interviews or a stand up information record position.


Raise the quality and lower the production cost of a Moving Journalist (MOJO) utilising 4G on stabilised mobile devices.


A small and flexible kit developed for simpler interviews and to camera recordings, raising the quallity of a desktop reporter & skype interviews.

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