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Next-Gen video publishing technology to bring your publications to life

Publishing is going through the greatest reshaping of its consumer and revenue landscape since the invention of the printing press, and nxtedition will give you the video publishing tools to thrive in this new environment. 

Though it is currently fashionable to talk of the demise of traditional media providers and the problems created for revenue and market share in the digital age, in fact more people than ever before are consuming content through the medium of video publishing.

These increasingly selective consumers know what they want and when they want it – the key to flourishing in this environment is to deliver higher quality journalism to feed this on-demand appetite. 

That is increasingly driving online consumption toward video and It’s no secret that video consumption is growing. Dramatically. 

Focus on the story, not the process

we free your journalists from the complexity of video production

The distribution of stories which capture the readerships imagination lies at the core of the publishing world.
In a fast paced content driven market, video journalism is rapidly becoming a necessity to compete. nxtedition removes the difficult, complex and expensive nature of video publishing through our teams extensive experience of television production all over the world. We can help you all the way from installation of hardware & software right through to the publishing of video content onto your required delivery platforms.

By producing your content as a short format videos (with or without sound), you can deliver your stories as targeted bitesized chunks that can neatly fit within a time challenged consumers day. Seizing the medium of video publishing ensures your brand is much stronger in the race for today & tomorrow’s media consumers.

The most important thing you have already, your stories. We help bring these stories to life quickly & efficiently creating new revenue opportunities and strengthening the offering of your brand.

Traditional Broadcast Solution vs nxtedition

nxteditions potential video publishing solutions for your business

  • Open Up New Revenue Streams

    Bundle your video output with your publication as a premium subscription, pre-roll advertising and offer sponsored content to your advertisers

  • Bypass Adblockers

    Adblockers can only block advertisements that appear in a websites code, ads that are burnt into video cannot be bypassed at all

  • Get Closer to Your Readership

    Using popular webcam software it’s possible to put any of your readers “on-air” to discuss views and opinions with your journalists

  • Turbo Charge Your Social Media Output

    Video increases engagement massively amongst social media users & nxtedition allows you to publish videos in near real-time to all the social media platforms with ease.

  • Aquire Footage From The Field In 4G

    Using mobile devices, journalists can film and record video in HD and send it via 4G or wifi directly into nxtedition – allowing the footage to be used immediately

  • Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device

    Video provides convenience for the user by allowing the to choose when, where & on what they consume your content

“TV plays a huge role in our lives… (But) the experience hasn’t changed that much in decades.
It’s been standing still… The future of TV is apps”
Tim Cook, announcing Apple TV and tvOS

Case study of nxtedition in action

Børsen is Denmarks premiere financial newspaper and we’re thrilled that they chose nxtedition for their subscription based on-demand video channel – Børsen Play.

Utilising an app for iOS and Android platforms, Børsen Play delivers up-to-date financial news instantly to their subscribers as push video clips that the app sorts based upon each users preference. Extremely high production values coupled with a talented broadcast team have helped Børsen Play to become an instant hit within Denmarks financial industry and beyond.


Truly innovative ideas are irresistible and Børsen Play is indeed just that. In the financial sector where time is a key factor, being able to keep up to date with how markets are performing and what’s influencing them is critical. Børsen Play dovetails into this market niche perfectly through the creative and innovative use of an iOS and Android app.

The premise is very simple, a user will set up the app with a preference for what information they are most interested in, then as Børsen produces news stories the user is alerted to the ones they interested in through a push alert. The app also allows users to browse stories as well as look at stock and market prices.

The stock tickers over each video are actually superimposed within the app meaning that the ticker always has the current live stock prices to show the user when the markets are open.

During the day Børsen has reporters out in the field as well as in the studio acquiring content directly from press briefings and interviewing key industry figures. A team of Børsens expert financial analysts provide detailed insight into current market events which are then recorded in the studio and published to the app.

This contemporary state-of-the-art approach to broadcast amounts to a valuable video resource for Børsens subscriber base which compliments the existing newspaper and further enhances Børsens reputation for excellence.


Core modules

The core of the system shares a single common user interface

A scalable solution for ingesting live and scheduled footage into nxtedition. The ingest module records, transcodes and exports footage simultaneously while allowing for meta-data and tags to be added and making it instantly available within nxtedition. Media can also be automatically distributed to the cloud, web, social media and removable drives.

The core of nxtedition’s system is the hub which provides users with an intuitive interface for all of nxtedition’s modules and third party integrations. The hub is a contextually aware shell which enables users to create, organise and collaborate on productions within a single cross platform interface.

nxtedition play schedules and executes dynamic events generated from assets managed by other nxtedition modules. Using integration modules for cameras, lighting, video mixers, audio mixers, social feeds, video and graphics servers and much more, nxtedition play is
able to fully automate and run media productions.

nxtedition installations in action

Hardware Solutions & Kits

nxtedition has a range of different hardware solutions and well composed studio kits that covers the needs and quality expectations from a small vlog production to a large scaled TV setup.

Full Broadcast Studio

nxtedition has extensive experience in building customized studios, fixed or mobile, at a significantly lower cost than the industry standard.


A small one camera studio setup typically used as head to head interviews or a stand up information record position


Raise the quality and lower the production cost of a Moving Journalist (MOJO) utilising 4G on stabilised mobile devices


A small and flexible kit developed for simpler interviews and to camera recordings, raising the quallity of a desktop reporter & skype interviews.

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